The parade against La Promesa

Oscar López Rivera, is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. When he returned from Vietnam, he became a highly respected community organizer in Chicago, where he passionately fought for the rights of Latino and Black Chicagoans. He also helped to create several community organizations in the Puerto Rican community, which to this day, continue to provide a multitude of services for those in need.

Oscar believes in the indepence of Puerto Rico and was commited to this cause when he was sentenced in 1981 to 55 years in prison for "seditious conspiracy" - the same charge used to imprison Nelson Mandela.

He served 35 years in prison before being pardones by President Obama, longer than anyone has ever served for this charge. He fought for a political ideal but he never commited a violent act.

After the Puerto Rican parade board decided to honor Oscar Lopez Rivera in their 60th edition, major corporate sponsors and Hispanic police organizations pulled out. So did big-name officials like Gov. Cuomo, Police commissioner O'Neil and Sen. Schumer.