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Dreamers In America: Juan Carlos
jonathan de camps
Feb 26, 2017

Juan Carlos, 22, Mexico, 18 years watching in the United States.

- Why do you fast?

JC: Because I am willing to put my body and my comfort in commitment to demonstrate that what is happening to our community is urgent.

- What are you learning from this hunger strike?

JC: To be humble, and grateful for what I have, while I put myself in place of those who do not even have to eat.

- What perspectives do you have in relation to what you are doing and immigration?

JC: Immigration does not happen by chance, it happens for a certain reason, hunger, persecution, fear. Immigration is necessary because humans are not designed to be in one place. Humans must fly free like birds in the sky.

Juan Carlos is Dreamer recipient (DACA) and at the time of this portrait he was on his 5 day hunger strike in anticipation of the special meeting by the Miami-Dade County commissioners to overturn the non-sanctuary city classification repealed by County Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Juan Carlos was kind to me, even within his fasting process, the possibility of apathy was never given. We shared time in University of Miami St. Bede Episcopal chapel, that as given him and other activist shelter while they spend the fasting process. He also told me about his family and the hard work of his parents as farmers, which he takes every Sunday to the church given to Which do not lead by fear and not violate the laws.

Juan Carlos is one of the 750k DACA recipient who live in fear for their family, friends and themselves due to the anti-immigration politics of the current government administration.

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